Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ali Raza 100+ Official Certifications 70+ Teaching Credentials First Adobe Training Partner

Ali Raza 100+ Official Certifications 70+ Teaching Credentials First Adobe Training Partner

Ali Raza has not only achieved the title of Adobe Training Partner, the first Pakistani ever to be awarded the designation, but he has also become World's only ATP, ACI, ACM, ACS, ACE, MCT, MCPD, MCTS, MCP, (O)SCJP, ZCE with 100+ official certifications including 70+ teaching credentials in the field of design and development. This is a world record as no one else has claimed and obtained this many numbers of official certifications from major IT companies in the field of design and development. Unfortunately Guinness Book of World Records does not award qualification based records but it doesn't change the reality, does it? :) 

This accomplishment is all the more remarkable given that to date there has been no easy way to learn these technologies in Pakistan due to the absence of any official curriculum and courses from major technology companies such as Adobe. This is set to change with Ali's credentials as an official Training Partner for Adobe and Microsoft. It will now be possible for more students to be trained up in Adobe and Microsoft technologies. Ali does not want any reward from the Government of Pakistan but an official appreciation letter would be really encouraging. 

• Adobe Certified Instructor 
• Adobe Certified Master 
• Adobe Certified Specialist 
• Adobe Certified Expert 
• Microsoft Certified Trainer 
• Microsoft Certified Professional Developer 
• Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist 
• Microsoft Certified Professional 
• (Oracle) Sun Certified Java Programmer 
• Zend Certified Engineer 

Adobe Training Partner Profile 

Zend Certified Engineer Profile 

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Obaid Shah , 18 June 2013 at 02:12

Dear Talent Pakistan,

Please provide me the contact number of Ali Raza, i want to do a show on him for SAMAA TV.
Obaid Shah
Samaa Tv Lahore

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